Visit the picturesque town of Bracieux, l'Orée des Châteaux


Our beautiful village...

Bracieux is a charming town located between Chambord, Blois and Cheverny on an ancient Roman road that linked Poitiers and Paris.

You will find all the shops and amenities for you to spend an excellent stay in our region.Bracieux has one of the last covered market in France which hosts the traditional market on Thursday morning, the local market on Sundays and craft markets in summer.classified as a Green Holiday Resort,

Bracieux is crossed by two rivers: the Beuvron and the Bonn'heure which are the joy of fishermen.

Also discover: the washhouse built in 1878 and the lovely bandstand renovated in 2007.

Visit the historic castle of Chambord

Chambord Castle

7 km from the Hotel L'Orée des Châteaux...

Chambord is the largest of the Loire Valley castles with its 128 meters of facade, its 365 fireplaces and its 440 rooms.

It was King François I who decided to build Chambord in 1519. He was inspired by Italian art and artists to make it an exceptional monument.

The Chateau de Chambord has an architectural curiosity that has contributed to the fame of the castle: its double revolution staircase that allows you to go up and down without ever crossing each other, some think that Leonardo da Vinci was the designer.

Its magnificent garden and its hunting park are listed as Historic Monuments.

The Chateau de Chambord and its domain of about 800 hectares are open to the public all year round.

Cheverny castle to visit in the Loire Valley

Cheverny Castle

12 km from the Hotel L'Orée des Châteaux...
With Chambord and Blois, the Castle of Cheverny is one of the most famous castles of the Loire Valley.

The interest of the castle of Cheverny lies in its splendid interior decoration of Louis XII period. It has remained more or less as it was in the 17th century and has been magnificently maintained by the Hurault family, which has owned it since its construction.

Cheverny is open to the public, the owners of the place invite you to discover their Domain, from the Castle to the Botanical Park through the Tintin exhibition or the kennels, where you may witness the return of a hunt.

The Tintin exhibition

HERGE, the famous comic book author, was inspired by the architecture of Cheverny to create the Château de Moulinsart which first appeared in "The Secret of the Unicorn".

The Domaine de Cheverny and the Fondation Hergé have joined forces to create and set up a permanent exhibition on the theme: the secrets of Moulinsart. You can see Tintin's room, Professor Tournesol's laboratory, or the cellar of the castle of Moulinsart.

Visit the city of Blois, in the Loire Valley

Blois and its castle

16 km from the Hotel L'Orée des Châteaux...

Situated between Tours and Orleans, the town of Blois stretches along both banks of the last wild river in Europe, the Loire.

The town's monuments and gardens:

Saint-Louis Cathedral

Saint-Vincent de Paul Church

Saint Saturnin Church

The bishop's garden and its rose garden

The Royal Gardens

The Royal Castle of Blois:

Home to ten queens and seven kings of France, the Castle of Blois has four wings evoking four different eras.

The particularity of this castle is its monumental staircase of the type screw out of the work where no one is ever crossed.

With more than 30,000 works of art in its collection of works, the Royal Castle is now a French Museum and hosts many annual and temporary events

Visit the castle of Chenonceau - The monuments of the Loire Valley

The Castle of Chenonceau

45 minutes away from the hotel L'Orée des Châteaux

The Château de Chenonceau is also known as "The Ladies' Château" in reference to Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici...

They loved it, administered it and protected it, and this feminine imprint is present everywhere.

The château has two gardens bearing their names, a beautiful park and a wine-growing estate.

With its five arches spanning the Cher River, it is the only bridge-castle in the world! Between the sky and the water, this jewel of the Renaissance offers richly furnished rooms, tapestries from Flanders, collections of exceptional paintings and astonishing kitchens built on the pillars of the bridge.

After Versailles, the Château de Chenonceau is the most-visited private historical monument in France

Discover the forests of Sologne - Hotel l'Orée des Châteaux

Stroll in the Sologne Forest

At 10m from the Hotel L'Orée des Châteaux...
With nearly 75% of its territory covered by forest, Sologne is a natural region that allows for beautiful walks... but also unusual encounters at the bend of a path, in the hollow of a tree.

From the first days of September, you can hear the bellowing of the stag in the woods in the early morning or at nightfall. It is also in the silence of the undergrowth that you will be able to find ceps of Bordeaux, trumpets of death or chanterelles... To your baskets!
The flora and fauna of the Sologne Forest make it an exceptional natural space, an ideal place for nature lovers.
The other great wealth of the Sologne is its game which has attracted hunters for generations. Stags and hinds, wild boars and roe deer give rise to great hunts between the oaks and hornbeams.
Wild rabbits, pheasants, partridges and other birds are also privileged targets for hunters.
Visit the Beauval Zoo, in the Loire Valley

The Beauval Zooparc

30 minutes from the Hotel L'Orée des Châteaux...
Nearly 5,000 animals live in the heart of this unforgettable and magical place ranked among the 15 most beautiful zoos in the world.

Many species are unique in France such as manatees, koalas, okapis, giant pandas, but also the first white tigers and white lions in Europe.
Four large tropical greenhouses with an exotic atmosphere welcome free-ranging birds, primates, reptiles or Australasian animals. On a 3 hectare plain called "African Savannah", more than 80 animals live together (giraffes, wildebeests, antelopes...).
The ZooParc de Beauval welcomes each year nearly 350 newborns.
In 2016, the ZooParc expands once again and unveils a unique installation in the world by its design and its scale: a vast enclosure for hippos, a species presented for the first time in Beauval.
The Loire by Bike - Ride the last wild river in Europe

The Loire by Bike

Near the Hotel L'Orée des Châteaux...

Starting from the Hotel** L'Orée des Châteaux in Bracieux, follow the signposted and safe routes of the Loire à Vélo to discover exceptional landscapes and heritage.

The Loire à Vélo is a tourist cycle route of 800 kilometres which follows the last wild river in Europe, crossing two regions: the Centre and the Pays de Loire.

You will use cycle tracks, paths or small roads which are not very busy and which allow you to discover the rich heritage of our beautiful region: the famous Châteaux of the Loire, but also the gastronomy and the wines of the Loire region

Spend an exceptional moment at the Max Vauche chocolate factory - Bracieux

Max Vauche Chocolatier

A unique place in the heart of the Sologne for chocolate lovers...

The chocolate maker/creator Max VAUCHE, will make you discover, understand and appreciate the making and tasting of his best chocolates...

He will tell you the history of this noble product, its origin, its transformation and the work done so that your taste buds will succumb...

Guided tours are offered all year long